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Project Description

Showroom Display

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To create a multipurpose display to showcase a variety of items from product to awards.

Structural column
• Space limitations


Moving into a new space can be a challenge. For a showroom in Minnetonka, MN, a structural column was the main obstacle. The column created space limitations while hindering the look and feel upon entering the showroom.

To encompass the column, LUX manufactured two inline walls with coordinating end caps. The end caps were finished with a custom color and mounted to the inline wall creating a c-shaped unit. LUX pre-manufactured the units allowing for a slide-in install as well as a quick electrical inspection.

Complementary casework and soffits were installed along with powder coated panels to finalize the display onsite. LUX incorporates flexibility into each fixture to accommodate structural variances at install. The powder coated panels allowed for width adjustments onsite while adding another texture to the display.

LUX also designed a reception desk to complete the showroom entrance.

Products Utilized:

  1. Prefabricated Inline Walls
  2. Prefinished End Caps
  3. Powder Coated Panels
  4. Modular Cabinetry
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