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Project Description

MOM2.0 Summit


To create a full functioning, portable display with minimal install time.

• Minimal budget due to duration of the display
• Project completion time frame
• Space limitations
• Ceiling height


The MOM2.0 Summit is a yearly conference for female entrepreneurs and moms to gather and share their insights related to online content and blogging. Along with the moms and entrepreneurs, a vast number of promoters join in on the week-long event.

LUX was challenged to create a display for the conference to showcase a particular appliance brand. The display, portable in nature, was to be fully functioning with minimal install time.

With less than a month to complete the project, from the initial concept to full manufacture and delivery, LUX got to work generating the overall design of the fixture. The first step was to analyze the location and space limitations. The convention was hosted at a local resort in Scottsdale, AZ, which not only created space restrictions but also an overall height restriction. Due to a limited ceiling height of 92” overall, a custom wall solution was needed to complete the project. The LUX manufacturing team quickly made modifications to produce a new custom template of 91” H x 96” W verses our standard inline wall template of 96” H x 133” W.

Modular cabinetry finished the look and helped ease the overall install time. The cabinetry was the most suitable application with the product featured; however, LUX does not set limitations as far as what can be mounted to our pre-fabricated inline wall.

Products Utilized:

  1. Prefabricated Inline Walls
  2. Prefinished End Caps
  3. Modular Cabinetry
  4. Quartz surfaces
  5.  Highlights:
    • All MDF pre-installed on inline wall with customer selected paint finish
    • All quartz surfaces were sent pre-sized with needed cutouts
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