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Project Description

Retail Overhaul

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To create an in-home feel retail environment with as minimal install time as possible.
Currently well under 2 week install for over 4000 sq. ft.

• Variances in foot print per store
• Number of stores to complete per wave
• Storage solutions based on store delays


One of LUX’s main objectives is to create ease at the point of fixture install. LUX has been proactive in developing systems that work for their customers to eliminate unnecessary install time in the field.

As a partner of Best Buy, LUX was tasked to provide metal inline walls and casework for the Pacific Sales remodels. Initially the inline walls were basic stud and track at 64” increments while the casework consisted of break-down components.

Upon noticing the customer’s need to decrease install time, LUX went to work generating time-saving solutions.

First, a wall system that allowed for preinstalled plywood, painted mdf, and electrical was developed. The walls also increased in length to conserve valuable install time.

Second, the casework transitioned to modular slide-in place units. Through tested engineering, LUX designed modular units adaptable to all store foot prints.

Last but not least, LUX developed an interchangeable install packet based on Best Buy’s current store prototypes. The install packet, although based on a prototype, can be easily adapted to suit a store-by-store scenario while forming a universal install process for all stores.

By generating a system to pull a large majority of the install in-house, what was roughly a 6-week install decreased to under a 2-week install time frame.

Review the install package by clicking the link below:

Products Utilized:

  1. Prefabricated Inline Walls
  2. Prefinished End Caps
  3. Custom Sized Top Channel
  4. Custom Melamine Casework
  5. Powder-coated Metal to size
  6. Modular Cabinetry
  • Wellborn
  • Best Buy
  • Pacific Sales
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