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Project Description

Prefabricated Inline Wall

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To save retailers construction time by developing a prefabricated wall.


LUX has developed a prefabricated inline wall allowing retailers to save time when constructing or remodeling a space. The walls are produced to specific heights and lengths based on the retailer’s interior requirements. Currently LUX produces and ships walls that exceed eleven feet in length.

To further decrease install time, all walls have a variety of prefinished options. LUX has manufactured walls with material finishes from painted MDF to tile. Printed graphics are also a welcomed finish option.

Plywood can be installed at desired fixture locations. Utilizing plywood where the wall is not visible decreases the overall weight, allows for easier fixture mounting, and is a cost saving factor. LUX only installs fire- retardant plywood—insuring a successful onsite inspection.

Customers of LUX take advantage of preinstalled electrical components. Preinstalling some electrical, such as UL listed metal clad cable and electrical boxes, shortens the onsite hardwire time. LUX outlines duplex and quad receptacle locations on all install packets—aiding to decreased install and inspection time.

LUX’s walls are produced in Minnesota; nevertheless, they are utilized nationwide. Our walls have been used by retailers as a freestanding display unit, for tradeshows, and to create a store within a store.

For further details on our prefabricated walls or to request a quote for your next project contact us.

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