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Project Description

Miele Display


To create a custom display specific to Miele, to be tested and utilized at various Pacific Sales retail locations.

Ensure all components are modular and reconfigurable, yet have the ability to stand alone.


Brands want to stand out to the competition and LUX is always up for the challenge of a custom design. Adding the Miele brand to the Pacific Sales layout created the perfect scenario for LUX to test its custom capabilities.

With the initial concept semi-developed, LUX generated engineered drawings and began production for the first test store in Frisco, TX. Opting for a modular final design, LUX was able to easily transfer the custom Miele platform from store to store whenever it was specified by Pacific Sales. Again, LUX capitalized on the retail world’s drive for speed in production and install.

In the fall of 2015, LUX provided repair and maintenance parts for a Miele display located in Houston, TX. The R&M parts allowed the Miele display to grow with the ever changing retail market while pushing the limits of the normal fixture life expectancy.

Products Utilized:

  1. Prefabricated Inline Walls
  2. Prefinished End Caps
  3. Custom-Modular Melamine Casework
    • Customer Selected Finish*
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