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Project Description

Employee Lounge

  • LUX-casestudy Employee Lounge
  • Employee Lounge breakroom
  • Employee Lounge 2
  • Employee Lounge 3


Develop a kit that is universal for duplicate production and nationwide shipping.

• Minimal budget due to duration of the display
• Project timelines—would need to have standard and rush production capabilities


Maintaining a consistent employee lounge throughout the nation can be a robust task. Working with one of our retailers, we developed an understanding of how quickly the employee lounge had to be transitioned. To speed the process we created a kit that was repetitive in nature, easily specified on architectural documents, and capable of a quick bid.

Developing a zone shipping system, LUX established a standard and rush production timeline for general contractors throughout the United States. Our shipping system provides contractors with defined arrival times for both our standard and rush production. Furthermore, we are able to form final costs within the bidding phase of the project (shipping included).

The LUX employee lounge template can easily mold to fit other retail and non-retail platforms, including spaces with the need to meet ADA compliance. Contact us to request a bid or further information on our capabilities.

Products Utilized:

  1. Custom Casework
  2. Modular Cabinetry
  3. Laminate Countertop w/ Backsplash & precut sink
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