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Project Description

Compact Reception Desk

  • CS ReceptionDesk S1
  • CS ReceptionDesk S4
  • CS ReceptionDesk S8
  • CS ReceptionDesk S2
  • CS ReceptionDesk S11


Design a reception desk cohesive with existing fixtures.

• Overall size of the reception desk
• Mobility of the reception desk.


In order to capture our customer’s vision; LUX developed an assortment of reception desk designs. Through the concept process, we were able to fully understand our customer’s needs in order to finalize a design for production.

The first concept was a high-low desk that provided work space for both standing and siting occupants. The desk was designed to adapt to potential space limitations with minimal install onsite.

The initial concept did not fully capture LUX’s modular model, which led to an additional desk design. The second concept introduced mobility while adding multifunctional components. The design was reconfigurable as a single large desk or as two stand-alone desks.

Both preliminary designs catered to the need to be versatile while remaining cohesive with the existing fixtures. Nevertheless, the final desk design also encompassed our customer’s lack of entrance space. The final design preserved the mobility desired, provided high-low work spaces, and added a unique angled twist, all while decreasing in size.

Review all reception desk concepts below.

Products Utilized:

  1. Custom Casework
  2. Modular Cabinetry
  3. Calcutta Polished Tile
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