Case Studies

Prefabricated Inline Wall

LUX has developed a prefabricated inline wall allowing retailers to save time when constructing or remodeling a space. The walls are produced to specific heights and lengths based on the retailer’s interior requirements. Currently LUX produces and ships walls that exceed eleven feet in length.

Showroom Display

Moving into a new space can be a challenge. For a showroom in Minnetonka, MN, a structural column was the main obstacle. The column created space limitations while hindering the look and feel upon entering the showroom.

Miele Display

Brands want to stand out to the competition and LUX is always up for the challenge of a custom design. Adding the Miele brand to the Pacific Sales layout created the perfect scenario for LUX to test its custom capabilities.

Retail Overhaul

One of LUX’s main objectives is to create ease at the point of fixture install. LUX has been proactive in developing systems that work for their customers to eliminate unnecessary install time in the field.

Compact Reception Desk

In order to capture our customer’s vision; LUX developed an assortment of reception desk designs. Through the concept process, we were able to fully understand our customer’s needs in order to finalize a design for production.

MOM2.0 Summit

LUX was challenged to create a display for the conference to showcase a particular appliance brand. The display, portable in nature, was to be fully functioning with minimal install time.

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